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Pornography legal approaches - Pornography Philosophical...

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Pornography Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Approaches to Pornography Philosophical and Theoretical Approaches to Pornography Major distinction exists between feminist and Non-feminist Approaches Non-Feminist Approaches Conservative Approach This approach claims many adherents, even among regular porn users porn is viewed as a moral evil - the harm involved is secondary emphasizes the role of community values to channel and discipline our passions and baser instincts extremists consider sex for enjoyment alone is “wrong” and the only legitimate purpose should be for procreation and/or within a relationship the government has both the right and a duty to interfere in private lives to ensure “moral” conduct Liberal pornography is not a question of morality nor is there any widespread consensus of values regarding it sexual behavior is a matter of personal choice and most porn is a legitimate form of diversity porn ranges from art to erotica to explicit sex to potentially dangerous material (obscenity) - only the latter should be suppressed there are only two important issues in the pornography debate - freedom of expression and social harm porn should be legal unless clear evidence exits as to its harmfulness because freedom of expression is more important than questions of decency or aesthetics Feminist Approaches 1
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all feminist make the following arguments 1. Patriarchal societies are organized around a sexual class system in which women are sexually subordinate to men 2. Pornography reflects male dominance and affects other issues besides sexuality 3. There is a need to consider indirect harm as well as direct harm beyond these points the feminists differ widely in their philosophical and pragmatic approaches to pornography and they can be grouped into the anti-censorship and the anti-porn feminists anti-censorship feminist include the liberal and socialist feminists anti-porn feminists include the radical feminists and conservative “feminists” Liberal Feminists accept that porn is a free speech and diversity issue but also consider it morally offensive repression rarely works and censorship only drives it underground where it is harder to control are willing to see that porn may have certain benefits, i.e. catharsis and education some liberal feminists even argue that porn may have the potential to “liberate” women sexually liberal feminists advocate selective toleration and regulation, combined with the need to encourage “positive” porn which does not portray women in degrading or subordinate positions liberal feminist base much of their conclusions on the miserable failure of past morality campaigns aimed at protecting women, e.g. laws to protect women from seduction or procurement into prostitution. Socialist Feminists
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Pornography legal approaches - Pornography Philosophical...

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