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Pornography Definition: Sexual content designed to arouse or satisfy sexual feelings - currently one of the most controversial issues which incorporates a wide range of social, ethical and legal issues Erotica: is defined as sexually suggestive material but no actual sex (standard definition.) - Feminists define it as sexual content which portrays men and women in equal (i.e. non- stereotypical) terms. VS Hard core Pornography is defined as sexual content that portrays real or simulated sexual activity, including oral, vaginal and anal penetration. California Law Sec 311 of the California Penal Code defines “obscenity” as “Obscene matter” means matter taken as a whole, which to the average person, applying contemporary statewide standards, appeals to the prurient interest, and is matter which, taken as a whole, depicts or describes in a patently offensive way sexual conduct; and which taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value. several important issues are involved in the pornography debate 1. Voyeurism - porn represents the ultimate form of sexual decadence without any need for personal involvement - thus the sexual experience is completely vicarious 2. Freedom of Expression - many argue that anti-pornography laws contravene the First Amendment rights because the laws are too vague and give too much discretion to police and prosecutors. 3. Social harm - 4 main types of harm are alleged regarding pornography 1
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a. pornography directly encourages violence against women b. pornography desensitizes users to violence and contributes to the attitude that violence and coercion are normal forms of sexuality c. pornography contributes to the over all degradation of women and the belief that women enjoy being dominated. d. The actors (especially the females) are exploited and mis-treated during the making of pornographic material. e. pornography has the potential to corrupt young people whose sexuality is not yet fully developed. 4.
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Pornography - Pornography Definition: Sexual content...

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