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Socio-Legal and Philosophical Approaches to Prostitution Conservative Approach Prostitution is morally wrong and should be repressed - often tied to religious principles. Female prostitutes often considered more at fault than male customers. Also often linked to the sexual double standard that viewed prostitution as a necessary evil. Liberal Approach Sexual diversity is desirable and prostitution is a legitimate form of diversity. Prostitution should be regulated to ensure that the most negative effects are minimized. Equal treatment of all participants is important (See Liberal Feminist position). Repression is the real problem because it causes other (much more serious) side effects such as corruption, extortion and violence. Liberals see prostitution, drugs, homosexuality and pornography as similar in that they involve significant civil rights issues. Feminist Socio-Legal Approaches to Prostitution Several different feminist position can be identified. 1. Liberal Feminist Position: Commercial sex is no different than any other commodity or service and should be allowed as long as it does not infringe on the rights of other groups. Laws that regulate prostitution should apply equally to all participants in prostitution, both males and females. 2. Radical Feminist Position: Prostitutes are women who are victimized by men’s vices and prostitution represents the ultimate extension of Patriarchy in that women’s bodies can be purchased as a commodity. Women and girls need to be protected and this can only be accomplished by the complete elimination of prostitution as a social phenomena. This can be accomplished by repression, education and programs to help female prostitutes. 3. Socialist Feminist Position:
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Prostitution___Legal_Approaches - Socio-Legal and...

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