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PROSTITUTION Sociological Concepts prostitution is considered one of the classic examples of a victimless crime it is also one of the most stigmatized activities and as such raises several important issues what is prostitution and how did it start who are the prostitutes why do prostitutes do it why do clients go to them why is society down on it? first lets start with a definition -- Mary Laner argues that prostitution embodies the following: sexual activity in return for money or gifts? indiscriminate selection of partners definition excludes mistresses, paramours, etc. a "prostitute" must make a living at this activity for a fairly lengthy period of time one of the most important issues involved in the prostitution debate is the stigma attached to prostitution survey reported in popular press indicated that the public considered prostitution worse than many activities such burglary and robbery the question is why this is so? sex and money both desirable services, thus it is illogical that their association should give rise to so much hostility. I believe that the answer to this question is found in the general organization of society and particularly in the model of gender relationships which exists in many societies in order to put prostitution into an adequate perspective, it is necessary to start with a bit of history earliest recorded instance of prostitution occurred with the temple prostitutes in ancient Babylon quickly evolved into forms of purely secular prostitution almost always followed armies - ancient to today 1
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never has been abolished & exists in all societies & engendered debate over whether it is a social service or a social problem This is NB because if prostitution can be classed as a legitimate social evil, this goes far towards explaining the stigma - if it can't, then explanation must be found elsewhere. SOCIAL PROBLEM OR SOCIAL SERVICE several important issues are involved in the debate over whether prostitution is a social problem or a social service Social Problem spread of VD and aids general nuisance of street prostitution decay of moral fabric - Hart/Devlin debate degradation of women - may lead to other crimes important point about all of these "evils" -- they either exist because prostitution is stigmatized or else could be better controlled if prostitution were decriminalized thus prostitution cannot be considered a genuine problem in itself and these factors cannot be used to explain the stigma applied to prostitution Social Service social contact for client - some studies have shown that sex is not the prime motivation for patronizing prostitutes some form of acceptance &/or counselling for certain types of patrons, i.e. some types of sexual acts cheaper & quicker alternative for men in strange cities - but this implies an enormous
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PROSTITUTION_latest - PROSTITUTION Sociological Concepts...

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