bevan 498 syllabus fall11 REVISED

bevan 498 syllabus fall11 REVISED - Senior Seminar in...

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Senior Seminar in Communication Studies (COM 4 98-01 ) Fall 201 1 : T/TH 2:30-3:45 p.m., Argyros Forum 206A Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Bevan Office Address: Moulton Hall 248 (inside Communication Studies Dept. Office in Moulton 241) Office Phone: 714-532-7768 Office Hours: E-mail: (you will typically reach me most quickly via email) Required (1) Baxter, L. A., & Babbie, E. (2004). The basics of communication research . Text/Readings: Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. (2) Required and suggested readings: these readings are available as PDF files on our course BlackBoard page under Course Documents Course Prerequisites: Successful completion o f COM 395 and either COM 313/314/450; Senior s tanding; please note that the class must be taken for a letter grade and the re is no P/NP option for credit toward major requirements . Course Description and Objectives: This course is the culminating, capstone experience for Communication Studies majors at Chapman University. It is extremely important as a communication studies major for you to understand how empirical research in our field is planned, conducted, analyzed, and presented. In a research team format, we will work together to explore at an advanced level the research methods and theoretical frameworks employed in our discipline. The goals of this exploration will be to better understand and explain human communication as an academic discipline, to become proficient at reading and interpreting published research, to be able to utilize research methods and theories in everyday, scholarly, and applied contexts, and to deepen each student’s knowledge of at least one significant line of research within our field. My objectives for what you take from this course are the following: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of methods and designs for studying human communication. 2. Use the library and online research databases with advanced proficiency. 3. Identify and understand the role of appropriate measurement techniques in communication research. 4. Discuss the depth and breadth of the field in terms of research topics and contributions of important scholars. 5. Read and understand published communication research articles that utilize a variety of advanced research methods. 6. Be prepared to apply your advanced understanding of research methods and the discipline of communication studies when called upon to do so in your chosen careers and/or graduate studies. Class Conduct and Expectations: In order to create and maintain a supportive communication environment, I ask the following of you: 1. You must refrain from side-conversations, reading non-related materials, and doing anything else that might make it difficult to hear/pay attention to others in the class. 2.
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This note was uploaded on 02/02/2012 for the course COM 498 taught by Professor Jenniferbevan during the Fall '11 term at Chapman University .

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bevan 498 syllabus fall11 REVISED - Senior Seminar in...

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