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Organizational identifcation and commitment oF members oF a human development organization Sow Hup Chan Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, Macall, SAR China Abstract Purpose – To understand how identifcation and commitment can be sustained among members oF a development organization where high perFormance is oF paramount importance and success has important human consequences. This study examined members’ identifcation and commitment within a development organization patterned aFter the Grameen model. This organization is based on a set oF values by which the members can work hard to overcome their situation caused by poverty. Design/methodology/approach – Members oF Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) were interviewed to analyze the characteristics that make AIM special, to gain a deeper understanding oF the dynamics oF members’ interactions, and to explore how members in±uence and control one another. ±indings – The approach used in the study yields interesting insights into members’ identifcation and commitment in a human development organization; and how this identifcation and commitment are linked to the members’ success as well as the organization’s success. Practical implications – The insights to organizational identifcation and commitment should assist the feld oF management development to sustain and improve identifcation and commitment towards the organization and towards other organizational members. ²emale organizational members can also achieve economic success when they are given an opportunity in their rural villages. Originality/value – This study applies western theories in a non-western environment. The fndings contribute to the conceptual understanding oF the subject. Areas For Future research were also suggested. Keywords Job satisFaction, Control systems, Human resource development, Communication Paper type Case study Introduction Human development organization needs strong identifcation and commitment From its members to achieve its goal, whether it is poverty alleviation, or enhancement in any Facet related to quality oF liFe. The Fact that grassroots participants remain in human development organization despite their membership costs may be explained by the concept oF organizational identifcation and commitment. ThereFore, understanding the nature oF identifcation and commitment and Factors that in±uence members’ identifcation and commitment to human development organization is critical to assure the continual existence oF the organization. Purpose of the study In the present study, the researcher examine members’ identifcation and commitment within a development organization patterned aFter the Grameen model that utilizes The current issue and Full text archive oF this journal is available at The author is grateFul to the anonymous reviewers For their comments on an earlier draFt oF this paper.
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Organizational_identification - The current issue and full...

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