group study - 1. Mayan Court- architecture and archeology...

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1. Mayan Court- architecture and archeology was the source of information. In addition you have glyphic texts. There is so much speculation when you only deal with this kind of evidence, but we know women had important roles at the court because of the artwork. Physical space tells you what is physically possible so you can make your hypothesis. Sentimental Family- trust the political cartoons because there was a lot of texts to go along with them. They tell you about the current sentiment of the public and they have higher literary levels. King was put in because of liberal ideals… sources say that the public turned on him and a revolution happened afterwards Nigeria Court- she is the only insider source from the western perspective… lived in the harem. Two ways to judge her claims are through other accounts about the courts from the outside by Europeans and locals. She was trying to do a different spin then those who had done it before. We shouldn’t rely on her solely because she is the only one that went in. Compare it to other courts… byzantine court king has same divine power. Lots of speculation for Maya and just believing the author of Nigera Nigeria Court (1)- 2. Versailles- free to mingle with opposite sex because in order to get power you had to play the game. More classist than sexist. Women could not take place in politics because of their sex and should dwell on fashion instead. Byzantine- has her own court that travels with her that is composed of wives and servants; also shouldn’t’ be seen with the male court and emperor because of sexuality so they use eunuchs who can’t be tempted into earthly sexuality. Transition between divine and earthly realms Harem in Nigeria- the head of the female court often can have more power than the Oba when settling the disputes between the wives and oba and wives. People are secluded and strict segregation because the women have been with a divine figure… considered taboo and can’t be touched by normal people. Gender is so tied to fertility so physical layout of palace makes the women more near the fertility areas… dying area, kitchen, and grainery. In all three hierarchies developed for each gender… hierarchy of the servants.
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group study - 1. Mayan Court- architecture and archeology...

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