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Electric Shaver Description An electric shaver is a handheld battery-powered electrical device used for shaving facial hair. It has an elongated shape with an ergonomic handle. It is approximately 20- 30 centimeters and length and has a diameter of approximately 10 centimeters. Its hair- cutting part is made up of rotating razors behind pierced foil or a fine metal comb. The spinning of the razors is activated by a switch button located on the handle. The casing for the handle wherein the battery and the electric motor are located is covered with
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Unformatted text preview: smooth plastic. Illustration Analogy An electric shaver is like a hair clipper. Its shape and function is similar to that of the hair clipper. The main difference is that the electric shaver is usually cordless and is powered by batteries and is used for cutting facial hair instead of head hair. Also, the shapes of the cutting parts are different: an electric shaver has a smooth metal head with small holes that shields the face from the spinning sharp razors underneath. A hair clipper has blades that are lined on its head....
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