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What is a technical definition - What Is a Technical...

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What Is a Technical Definition? In technical writing, definition is the process by which one assigns a precise meaning to a term. To define a term, it must be placed into a classification and then differentiated from other terms in that same classification. Technical definitions are relatively easy to write, except for some pitfalls that will be addressed later. The format for a technical definition is straightforward and works like this: Term = Classification + Differentiation For example, if a writer were to define the stall condition that an airplane experiences when it loses lift, he or she could start with the term stall, add a classification—flight condition—and then differentiate it from all other flight conditions, in this case, by a stall’s unique characteristics. The definition might read something like this: A stall is a flight condition in which the lift produced becomes less than the weight of the airplane, and the airplane stops flying. That seems simple enough; but what happens when a term, such as stall, has multiple definitions in many contexts? In such cases, it may be necessary to add a qualifier in front of the definition statement to supply the necessary context. The qualifier is important when the general context for a definition needs to be established up front. If the context is known or is obvious, a qualifier is unnecessary. For example, in an aeronautics study on aircraft wing design, the context of stall is obvious. It is clear that stall in this case has to do more with the loss of lift than with, say, a single compartment for an animal in a barn. When a context is needed, the format for the definition is
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What is a technical definition - What Is a Technical...

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