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The Odyssey - The Odyssey Aeolos(Ay-oh-lus As the Wind King...

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The Odyssey : Aeolos (Ay- oh -lus) As the Wind King, he has control of all the winds that blow from every direction. He lives on an island with his sons and daughters. Alkinous (Al- kin -oh-us) The king of Phaiakia, husband of Queen Arete, father of princess Nausikka. Antinous (An- tin -oh-us) One of two main suitors for the hand of Queen Penelope Arete (Ah- ret -ay) The queen of Phaiakia, wife of King Alkinous, mother of princess Nausikka (her name means “goodness”) Charibdys (Shar- ib -dis) A huge dangerous whirlpool in the sea that can suck down passing ships. Demodocus (Dem- mod -i-cus) The poet on retainer to the court of King Alkinous. Eumaios (Eu- my -os) The swineherd who lives on Ithaka and cares for Odysseus’ pigs Eurylochus (Eu- ril -i-cus) Odysseus cousin and second in command of his troops Eurymachus (Eu- rim -i-cus) The predominant suitor for the hand of Queen Penelope. Helios ( Hee -lee-os) The sun god who owns a herd of immortal cattle that he keeps on an island.
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