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Unformatted text preview: 222222222 22 222222 1 ss2s2s2ss ss s2ss ysss ss 2s22sss2y 2 3 Ø YY Y YS S S SS SS Ø yssssss222 2s22sss2y Ø 2s22sss2y Ø 222y2sss222 2s22sss2y Ø s2sssss 2 s2sss ss 2s2sys222s sssssss a2sss ss ssss2s2s2ss sss as2ss2sy ss 2 2s2ssss ss sssss 2ss2sss22s2ss ss2s 2s 2sas22ss ss 2s22s 2ssssssssy s2ss sss 2s2syss2 ss 2s2ssss s2y as 2 ss2ss22s sssss2ss ss 2 2sss222s s2 2s sss2s222 2s22sss ss sssss s2ss2ssss2 Ø Ø S aaaaa aaaaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 22 222222 2sss2s 2s ss2s sss s2ss ss sss ss2ss22s 2s2ssss 2s ss2ss2ss 2ssss2s ss ysssss2 sssssss222 2s22sss2y Ø Ø MM SY S syss ss s2s22sss2y 2s ss22s sss ss2ss22s 2s2ssss 2s ss2ss2ss yssssss2222ssy ss as2ss2sy ss 2s22ss 2s 2sssssas ssssss ss 2sssssss 2 2s22s2ss s2ss sss 2s2syss 2s ss2ss2ss2 ttSts MM SY 22 222222 ss2s2s2ss ss s2ss MM SY ss2s2s2ss ss s2ss 4 6 Ø Ss2ss22s Sssss2ss )Ss2ss22s 2s22ss) Ø Ø Ø S 2s2ssss ss sssss 2ss2sss22s2ss ss2s 2s ssss 2s 2 s2s22sss222 2s2sys2s2 Ø 2s22s2ss Ø S s2s2sss 2s ss22s 2 ss2ss22s 2s2ssss 2s 2ssss ss 2 sssss2ss ss 2s 2s2syss sss2s sss 2s22s2ss assssss sss 2s2yss 2ss sss 2s2ssss 2s .sssss ss as 2sssssss2 22 222222 MM SY 22 222222 5 ss2s2s2ss ss s2ss MM SY Ø 9 ¨ Yas2y2sss2s ss2ss ss ss2ss 2s 2 s2s22s2ss ssss sss 2sssss ss 2ssss ss2ss22s 2s2ssss 2s sas2y2ssss ss sss 2sssss ss sss 2s2syss2 Yss ss2ss Ø ss ss2ss ssss 2 ssys222s 2s2sss s22s2s ss2s 2s 2sss222sss s2ss sss 2sss2s2ss ss 2sss222s sas2y2sss2s2 22 222222 MM SY MM SY ss222ss2s 8 Ø S s2s2sss 2s ss22s sss sa2sss ss 2 ss2ss22s sssss2ss 2s ssss ss 2ssssss 2s 2s2syss 2s ssss2s2sss ay s2s22s2ss s2ss 2 ss2sss ss2ss22s sssss2ss2 s 2s sssss 2sas22ss ssss sss 2s22s2ss 22ss assssss sss 2s2syss 2ss 2s2ssss 2s ssss s2 ssss sss ss2ss22s sssss2ss s22ss ss2a2s2sy2 22 222222 2s22s2ss Y22s2 7 Ø n22s s2s22s2ss ET VVVpp V Vpq ssss as 2 2sss222s 2s2ssss ss2s 2ssss s2ys 2s sass2y2ass ssys222s 2s2sss 2s sss sas2y2sss2s ss2ss )s2 sss ss2ss) ,s2s2 ssssssssss2ss2s, a2sss22ssss s2sss, ss222s] ¤ Ss 2sss2sssss sss ss2ss2ss 2 2s2s22s s2sss2sy ss sss s2s22s2ss s2ass2s ss2s 2ssss 2ss222ss sss 2ssssss2ss ss 2 2s22s2ss2 ,s2s2 ssssss2sssss2, 2ssss2s2ssss2s, 2sss22ssss2s] ¤ ysa t ssss2ss222s ysssss ss 2s2ssss 2sas22ss ss 2s22s sas2y2sss2s ss2ss yss t sss 22ss2s ysssss ssss ss 2222ys 2s sss sss ss2ss 22 222222 ssssssss ss 2 s2s22s2ss s2s2sss ssss ss .ssss sss 2ssssss2ss ss sss 2s22s2ss2 MM SY 22 222222 MM SY 2 222222222 ysss ss 2s22s2ss S22s22y Ss2ss22ss 10 sas22ssssss ss2 2 s22s22y ss2ss22s 11 rarr raaaarr S22sen2ss 2s22s2ss Hs S2s22s2s2s2ss 2s22s2ss Os sssa 2s22s2ss 2 2H + ¨ raraaaraa n2sss22ssss s2sss Ss 3 O2 OYs y2s2 sssssa 2s22s2ss raraaar 12 4 S s2sssy ss22s2ss 2sssssss ss2s ss2yss 2s 2 2sss2ss2s s2ss222s 2s 2ss s2s22sss222 sssssss2 ss 222s222y ss 2 ssssss 2s 222s222ssy sssssssss ss sss s2sss2s2ss ss ss2s 2sssssss2 ¨ ¨ ¨ ? Y S 4 ¨ ¨ H2ss ss22sy2 Yss2as2ssss sssssss ss 2sss22s2ss ss22sy ssssss as 2y22s2ass Ssssssss222 ss2a2s2sy Sasss2s ss sys22ss s2ss2 ss ss2s sss 2sssss2s2ss ss sss sss2s ssss sss 2s2sss s2ss y2222s2sss 2s sss2s2sy Ysssss 2sss s2sss2ass ssssa2s2sy 2s s2s22s2ss sss2ss s2sss2asy s22ss sss22 s2ss ss ss2s sss 2ss2s2ys s22s2 2sss222sss s2ss ss2ss2ss sss ss2ss22s 2s s2s2s2dss Yn 22 222222 1 22 222222 Ss2sss22y ss2ss22ss MM SY 22 222222 Ss2ss22s2d2s2ss 13 2s22s2ss ss2ss22ss s2ss ssss ss22sy ss2s s22s22y ss2ss22ss ass 22s ss2ss as ssss 2s ss2 ss2ss22s2d2ss s2s22sss MM SY Hss ss Ss2ss22s2ds 2 2s22ss 14 ¨ ¨ 15 ¨ ss s2s2sss 2s ss22s sss 2ss2sss22s2ss ss 2 yssssss222 sssss2ss 2s ssss2s2sss ay s2s22s2ss 2s 2s22sss 2 222sssssy ss2ss2ss as2ss2sy ss 2 s22s22y s2 ss2sss22y ss2ss22s s2 2s sa22ssy sssss ysssss ss 2sssss2 ss2ss22s sssss2ss s2ss sss sssss2ss ss as ss2ss22s2ds, yss 22s s2s22ssM S ss2ssss as2ss2sy ss sss s22s22y ss2ss22s S ss2ssss as2ss2sy ss 2 ss2sss22y ss2ss22s 2 S ss2ss2ss ysssss ss 2sssss2 ss2ss22s sssss2ss 32 2 1 22 222222 1 22 222222 22 222222 ss222ass S2sss2s2ss ss Ss2ss22s Ssss2sss MM SY Yas2sss2ss sss ss2sss22s2ss ss Ss2ss22s Sssss2sss 16 18 ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Ssss222ssssy ss2ass s22ss 22s2ssy s2ss sss 2s2syss s22ss 2ssssssssy s2ss sss 2s2syss ss s2ys sss s2s2ss22ss2y sss ss2sss sss2ss 2 ssss2s2ys 2s22s2ss ss2s 22s as sas2sssss ay 2 a2s2s2s 2sss222s sas2s2ss 2 2 32 42 M2 22 222222 MM SY ¨ 2s22sss222 2s2ss2s2sss 17 ¨ 2s2ss2s2ss 2ss2ssss 2s s2s22sss2y Ss2ss22s2d2s2ss 22s2s s2s22s2sss ss22s2s s2s22s2sss n22s s2s22s2sss 2s22s2ss s2yss ) ss2sss) 22 222222 ¨ MM SY ss s2sss2 s2s2s2sy 2ss Yss222sy ,2ss s2s2s2sy, yyy ytytyy yy yttytyyyyyy yy yyyyyyy yyysys yy yyysyyyyyy yyyyy syyy yyy yyyyyyy yy yeeyey yttyy yy yyy ytytyy yy yttytyyyyyy yy yyy yyyyyyy2 rr aaa er eerr eareaer eaaearrer ae rer eaaaaarr rnearaaa2 ,2ss Yss222sy, sss 22ss 2s sss 2ss2ys sss s2ss2 Yss s2y ssss ss ssss sss S H YY RS assssss sss 2s2syss 2ss s2s22ss2 22 222222 MM SY 2 ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/02/2012 for the course CHEM 211 taught by Professor Santos,j during the Spring '11 term at Abu Dhabi University.

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