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Santos, MRJ.C. Research | Analytic Chemistry BS Chemistry Prof. Garcia, J.L. Activity Activity is the result of the effects of interactions between ion or molecule and its  surroundings.  Since it is hard to define, it is usually measured with reference to an ideal state. Activity Coefficient The activity coefficient measures how much an actual system deviates from a  reference system (2). Mathematically, the activity coefficient is defined as the limit of the equation 
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Unformatted text preview: derived for activity and has no units. • According to the IUPAC, the activity coefficient can be calculated in terms of mole fractions for liquids and solid mixtures, or in terms of molalities for dilute solutions. Experimental activity coefficients Source: Bholah, Prerna . (December 18, 2006). Cord. In Activity and Activity Coefficient . Retrieved January 18, 2012, from
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