Assignment 1_Econ3620_Winter2012

Assignment 1_Econ3620_Winter2012 - NAME STUDENT Department...

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1 NAME:________________________________ STUDENT #: ________________ Department of Economics and Finance College of Management and Economics University of Guelph ECON*3620 - International Trade Winter 2012 Instructor: Patrick Martin Assignment 1 This first assignment (worth 5% of your mark) is due on Thursday, February 2 by 4:30pm. You can turn it in either in class or put it in the box on the counter of the Economic Department office (identified by class name). The assignment considers the Ricardian and Specific Factor Models of trade, Chapters 3 and 4. The problems are taken from old tests and are indicative of the type of problems you might see on Quiz 1 on Friday, February 3 I encourage you to work with other students on the assignment but when writing up the assignment (you do not have to type it) you must use your own words and not copy from another student. Make a copy of your assignment (this is important as you will not have it back before the midterm and if your assignment is lost or misplaced – it happens rarely). Record your graphs and answers on the assignment directions and attach your handwritten work to the back of the assignment. Put your name and ID at the top of each page. Staple the assignment together (I won’t expect my TA to put together loose assignments.) The TA will mark selected parts of the assignment as I direct rather than the entire assignment given the difficulty in grading 80 different problems (you will be using your ID number to generate the parameters of your assignment.) This is a long, REPEAT LONG, assignment - so to minimize stress and get adequate sleep - get started immediately . You should be very well prepared for the first midterm once completing the assignment. You class notes will be very useful in completing the assignment.
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2 Problem 1 . I strongly suggest you read the worked examples in the lecture notes from Chapter 3 before attempting this problem. In the spaces below write the last 6 digits of your student ID number below and cross out any zeros.
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Assignment 1_Econ3620_Winter2012 - NAME STUDENT Department...

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