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Unformatted text preview: ECON*2410: Guide to Assignment Fall, 2011 Instructor: D. Prescott The assignment has a weight of 25% in the final grade and so it is a substantial piece of applied work that requires students to retrieve data from CANSIM, prepare charts and write a report that explains the methods used to prepare the charts. The written component should be clear and concise. Clarity and creativity is more important than length. 1. Each student has been assigned series and dates that apply him/her. On the front cover of your assignment, indicate: (a) your name (b) your student ID (c) the course name (d) the instructor’s name (e) the “start date” that was assigned to you. 2. The due date is Friday 25 November at noon. Late assignments are not accepted. Hand in whatever you have completed by the due date. Submitted assignments must be printed. Electronic versions sent by email will not be accepted. 3. The written report must be individually authored without the assistance of anyone else. All writing and editing is the responsibility of the individual student. You can discuss the assignment with friends, but you must not show anyone what you have written and you must not ask other students to see any part of their written report. 4. Most students will use Excel to produce charts but any suitable program can be used. 5. The written part should fully explain your objectives and methods. Offer as much insight to the reader as you can. It is the writer’s job to make the reader’s experience satisfying even enjoyable. Text should be concise, clear and grammatically correct. Avoid slang; assume you are writing for a professional audience. Anticipate questions the reader might have; answer these in the text so as not to leave the reader with more questions than answers. 6. When proofing and editing, try to take on the role of a person who is reading your report for the first time and without knowledge of the tasks you were set. Your report should stand alone as a piece of writing so that any reader will be able to understand what you are doing, how you are doing it and what insights can be gained from the exercise. 7. There should be a brief introduction that defines the scope of the report so the reader has a clear picture at the beginning as to what to expect. You should comment on your data source in the introduction. Any material or ideas that you gather from elsewhere must be referenced. For example, identify all CANSIM series numbers and tables with definitions (obtained from CANSIM) ...
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