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Unformatted text preview: 2010-11 Workout Schedule **10 minute pre-workout stretch ** Increase weight, shorter reps **Sun/Tues/Thurs/Sat--Off Days** Monday Chest/Biceps Flat Bench Incline Bench Decline Bench Wednesday Shoulders/Triceps 3x10,8,6 3x10,8,6 3x10,8,6 DB Incline Flies 3x10 DB Flat Flies 3x10 DB Flat Press 3x10,8,6 DB Curls-Hammer Curls 3x10,8,6 Curlbar Curls 3x21 (7 bottom, 7 top, 7 fulls) Lat Pulldowns 3x10,8,6 (wide grip, close grip, reverse grip) Cable Wolverines 3x10,8,6 Cable Single straight arm cross (R/L) 3x10 Cable shortbar curls 3x10,8,6 Cable reverse curls 3x10,8,6 Cable single arm curls 3x10,8,6 Skull crushers **Reach backs **Center grip lifts Friday Back 3x10 BB side lumberjacks Bent DB rows Bent DB alt. rows Bent back flies DB Shoulder shrugs 3x10 DB Shoulder flies **Single arm raise 3x20 **Double raise 3x5 **Hunch backs 3x10 **Double side raises 3x5 DB Single arm extensions 3x10,8,6 BB shoulder shrugs 3x10,8,6 BB Headspins 3x10 each direction DB rice bowl lifts 3x10 Cable Standing Pulldowns 3x10,8,6 Cable Single arm Pulldowns 3x10,8,6 Cable Single arm Crosses 3x10 Roped balls reverse pulls 3x10,8,6 Roped balls standing pulldowns 3x10,8,6 Abs 3x15 R/L single arm Tricep Pushups **Torso lifts Reverse Tricep pushups **Torso jerks **Torso reaches Toe touches 3x30 Planks 3x60sec. R/L Bent knee crunches R/L Knee reach Medicine ball rotations 3x30 Exercise Ball crunches 2x33-1x34=hold last Exercise Ball rear end reaches 3x10 Push-Ups Medicine Ball switches Incline Push-ups Standard Push-ups ::Optional:: Barball lifts 3x10 Pull Ups (wide-grip) 2xfailure Any machines Treadmill 15 min. warmup 5:30 mile finish Agility Ladder Stairs Runs/Sprints Exercise Ball Push ups 2xfailure 3x20 3x10 3x10,8,6 3x10,8,6 3x10,8,6 Sitting Pulling Rows 3x10,8,6 Dead lifts Bent upright row 3x10,8,6 3x10,8,6 Cable Lawnmowers 3x10,8,6 Cable Straight arm pulls **Upright 3x10 **Downward 3x10 Cable Boxers 3x10,8,6 Weighted backbends 3x10 ...
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