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National Geographic video: The Science of Dogs. Questions from the video as it goes along. 1. _80____% of today’s dog breeds did not exist 130___ years ago. 2. Eugenics is the quest for _perfection_ of a species. 3. Dogo Argentino were brought to the United States in the _1990s__. The traits they are known for are __fearless______, _aggressive__ and __strong_. 4. How long did it take to develop the Dogo Argentino? _25 years_ 5. After catching the boar, how is it killed? Knife by hunters 6. The first evidence of a “dog breed” occurs in ________________ about __________ years ago. 7. National Geographic suggests that the first dog was a ___________________. During the ________ century in _______________, there was an explosion of dog breeds. Dogs were the ______________________ or the middle class. 10. The down sloping, egg shape head belongs to the _______________________________. 11. Missy the golden Lab jumps ________________ in a single bound. 12. Canines have the best sense of ______________________. 13. Humans have better _____________________ then dogs. 14. Olfactory receptors in dog = __________________, in the Human = ___________________
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National_Geographic_video_questions - National Geographic...

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