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Evolution Exam 2 10/5/2011 Clad – even branches Phy – uneven branches Synapomorphy – homology, shared descent because the descendents have same trait Symplesiomorphy – divergence (provides no polarization) Homoplasy – same trait but no common ancestor o Parallelism – same solution to problem but different ways to get there o Convergence – 2 groups arriving at same solution (similar to parallelism) o Reversal – derived trait that goes back to common ancestor but was lost inbetween Autapomorphy – very different trait than everything else around it Synapormorphies are the most useful for constructing trees
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Unformatted text preview: Parsimony – choose the tree with the least steps or that is the simplest Quantitative Genetics 1 Quantitative Genetics 2: Variance, Heritability, Selection Questions Asked: what is the genetic and environmental contribution to the phenotype? How many genes influence the trait? Are the contributions equal? How do alleles at different loci interact? • Means, variances, and allele frequencies are all properties of the population • Phenotypic value is the measurement of a given trait for an individual • Genotypic value is the phenotype produced by a given genotype in the average environment • P+G =E?...
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