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Nine “O” One Xtreme Motorcycle Repair 388 Parkdale Drive Memphis TN 38109 October 30, 2011 Mr. Mitchell Sanders 318 Shofner Drive Memphis, TN 38109 Dear Mr. Sanders: Thank you for your letter on October 1, 2011. We appreciate your inquiry concerning your 2009 Suzuki 1300 Hayabusa motorcycle. We want to satisfy our customers with high-quality products and service. Nine “O” One Xtreme Motorcycle Repair carries a one-year warranty on all parts and labor under normal usage. The owner's manual states all parts must have the original parts or purchased / installed by this company for the warranty to be in effect. In our inspection of your motorcycle, we do realize that the clutch able was purchased at this company but was not installed. This is what is causing the problems
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Unformatted text preview: you are experiencing. Our skilled technicians can repair your motorcycle back to the factor specifications. The repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. But the request for a refund or replacement of a $1,000 for a clutch cable that was installed incorrectly is non in void after three (3) years, one (1) year past the warranty date. Nine "O" One Xtreme Repair appreciates your ongoing patronage and because of that, we will give you a 15% discount on all new parts purchased to restore your motorcycle. Please contact our shop at 901-871-8995 if you would like us to repair your motorcycle. Sincerely, Ursula “Syrup” Johnson Owner of Nine “O” One Xtreme Motorcycle Repair...
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