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Week 8 Discussion Question 2 What are the key services offered through the Center for Writing Excellence? Describe how these services may make you a more effective academic writer. The key services offered through the center for excellence are WritePoint, Plagiarism, and Tutorials & Guides. The WritePoint is a good source for students to get the basic grammar and usage checks for their writing. It is available for students 24 hours, 7 days a week. Plagiarism Checker helps student to avoid writing other peoples work, and it helps improve students writing and research skills. It is the first hand check for students writing to eliminate any duplicate writing materials with others. The Tutorials & Guides section helps students to improve grammar and writing skills. They provide valuable information on how to best use grammar principles, learning g the writing process, and writing and formatting academic essays. Using these services are a good practice to get information’s related to our studies in order to help us improve our academic
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Unformatted text preview: writing skills. Marcus, I agree with you, there is a wealth of information offered by the services in the center for writing excellence. Students can get a lot of help and support that is offered by the center for writing excellence. I have used it several times to help me improve my writing skills as well as to check plagiarism on some of my assignments. How often do you use these services? Betty, You are correct, the tutorials and guides are a great way for students to improve writing and grammar skills, and they offer an easy way for us to check our work in order to insure we are complying with the general rules and plagiarism. This is a great way for students to enhance on all course’s materials, and to become a better college students. Do you always make it a point to go back and check all of your work before you submit it? Attention to Adjudication Subject Prof of earning Fax 407 858 5950 407 858 5951...
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