Week 8 Discussion Question 3

Week 8 Discussion Question 3 - where I need to improve on...

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Week 8 Discussion Question 3 What are some of the services provided by the Center for Mathematics Excellence? Which service do you think will be the most useful throughout your college experience? Some of the services provided by the Center for Mathematics Excellence are Running start, Math Anxiety, Study Aids, and Online Tutorials. Personally, I think all services are very useful, and I can see my self-using them at some point in my college classes to help me improve my academic skills. The most useful one at this moment is the Running Start, I will defiantly use this service to help brush up on my mathematics skills, I tend to review this on a regular basis to review the different mathematics and statistics skills, as well as viewing the videos on the variety of topics. I will use it to get an assessment of my math subjects to see
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Unformatted text preview: where I need to improve on and be prepared for my mathematics courses. Marcus, I agree with you, being afraid of can really cause a lot of stress, and can lead us to fail math classes. Knowing we have some materials available form the services, can help us psychologically and in turns be more relaxed to do our best to succeed in math courses. Do you feel more comfortable about taking any other courses? Charles, You are correct, technology have came a long way since the last two decades, and this is a great help for students like us who have been out off class for quite sometime. The services provided by the center for mathematics excellence are very good tutorials to help us in excelling at our math classes. Do you find studying math is now easier then 10-15 years ago?...
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