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Week 9 Discussion Question 1 What are the three steps of critical thinking? What do they include? How might mastery of these skills make you a more effective college student and adult learner? Critical thinking has three steps, the first one is to ask questions; this is very important to gather all possible information to help fully understand the situation and to avoid confusions. One should always make sure to understand the questions, I think understanding the question is like having half the answer. The second step is to consider multiple points of view, this where one should always have an opened mind and analyze all possible views from different angles, before choosing the best one. The last step is to draw conclusions, now that one fully understands the questions and have the different views; one should be able to come up with the best appropriate option or solution. With experience and practice, these skills can be mastered and improved to help us become effective
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Unformatted text preview: college students, by always understanding the questions, accepting the different views, and coming up with the best conclusions, will make helps us do very well on daily assignments, questions, and exams. Marcus, It is very true, for us to be able to come up with answers or solutions to any situations weather related to school or every day life events, we need to know all the information and facts, thus asking questions is very critical to gather all the information needed before taking actions. Do you read all the questions for each week at once or one at the time as you go along? Richard, I agree with you, for us to be able to progress and have a well rounded education as well as getting along with others, we have to be open minded, and try to see other’s points of view. This can help expand our way of thinking and explore all possibilities available to us. How would you deal with someone that is very single minded?...
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