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Week 9 Discussion Question 2

Week 9 Discussion Question 2 - Week 9 Discussion Question 2...

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Week 9 Discussion Question 2 Watch the video, Critical Thinking, Key Actions to Take and answer the following questions: How have you used these actions to solve problems in your daily life? How are critical thinking skills in your daily life and in your academic life similar? How are they different? After watching the video on critical thinking actions, I realized that I use most of these actions automatically in most daily life problem solving, weather personal, professional, or school problems. I use my judgment to reflect on all my decision making for each problem I encounter in my daily life activities, as well as using this critical thinking skill to analyze, interpret, evaluate, explain, and answer my daily questions and assignment from my college courses. Critical thinking skills in my daily life are very similar to those in my academic life, since I would engage my self the same way in giving due consideration and evaluation to all questions the same way I would with any other personal issue I may be faced with. I use
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