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Information Systems Final Exam Study Guide 1 [LECTURE: IS, STM] Information System - An organizational system that enables the processing and management of an organization’s information; formal, socio-technical, organizational The Socio-Technical Model o IS Goal: Designed to fulfill a specific information processing function within the implementing organization; response to business vision o It is the response to the business vision. The technical solution to the business strategy. o Information Technology: Hardware, software, data storage (THE ENABLER) **Point of arrival, NOT departure (Pick IT based on the IS goal/business strategy, not because you like the software) o People: Those directly involved in IS (Managers, end users, IT Professionals, Department groups) o Business Processes: Steps necessary to complete a business activity o Organizational Structure: Organization’s design (hierarchical, centralized, etc); reporting; relationships within company/system (communication, reward systems) o The Social Context: o Immediate Context: Directly influences the IS (i.e. computer hardware issues, clients reaping benefits of IS) o Broader Context: Indirectly enables & constrains opportunities (i.e. laws, government guidelines, business & social trends, competitive landscape) o **Systematic Effects : Notion of interdependence between the components Information Systems Strategy Triangle o Business Strategy - vision of the company , how it expects to achieve its goals o Organizational Strategy - methods & tactics used to implement the business strategy, incorporates the business processes necessary for goals o Information Strategy - technology used to gain strategic advantage and support the challenges presented by the business strategy o First Order Change : Automate o o i.e. movement from touch-tone phone service to online servie o Second Order Change : Informate o Affects the people component (more of a challenge to implement) o i.e. customer self-service; removes need for agent o Third Order Change : Transform
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2 Information Systems Final Exam Study Guide o Affects organizational structure/ how the organization operates (significant managerial involvement) *All of these changes impact the process , with the first being the smallest impact on the process to the last being the largest Computer Literacy - understanding limited to computers IS Literacy - Includes behavioral focus (not just computers); bigger than just computers and IT Data - observations/statistics (mere facts) Information -processed data (analyzed with human mediation) Knowledge -Information from the human mind (the human touch needed in the IS) [LECTURE: ARCHITECTURE, INFRASTRUCTURE] Architecture: Translates business strategy to plans for the information system. Determines what infrastructure is necessary to implement strategy/how infrastructure
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IS Final Study Guide - Information Systems Final Exam Study...

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