H ADM 3387 - Lecture Notes 9-23-09

H ADM 3387 - Lecture Notes 9-23-09 - H ADM 3387 Business...

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H ADM 3387 – Business and Hospitality Law Fall 2009 Lecture #8: 9-23-09 Intro Notes: o If Wednesday night people tell Thursday night people about the exam: A) If Thursday person tells, they fail the exam B) If Thursday people doesn’t tell, they fail the course o Monday review session 7:30pm Room TBA o No guest speaker next Wednesday o Disabilities: September 22 Daily Labor reports: EOC putting out regulations discussing what exactly corrected/correctable disabilities. *NO TESTING ON THIS. Definition is still the same: EXAM: Is she disabled? Did the company unlawfully fail to accommodate her? o *If she’s not disabled, still answer the 2 nd question as if she were. Prof’s story: o Main reason he left practicing is a desire to find a way to make Discrimination law make sense: Based on principle NOT how much litigation will cost. o Morgan Elevator (client) wanted to know if all their employees could arbitrate discrimination claims instead of going to court? Possible solution for his dilemma. Does a better job of getting rid of discrimination focusing on merits not money. Arbitration: o Parties meet with a semi-private judge (arbitrator) and whatever that judge decides is what they have to do. o Arbitrators: sometimes retired judges or more likely labor-law lawyers *Need to be acceptable to both sides = qualification. o Why do I pick arbitration instead of litigation? Faster
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H ADM 3387 - Lecture Notes 9-23-09 - H ADM 3387 Business...

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