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Chapt 2 - -Manager or-Administrator-This group understands...

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Product Validation & Selling January 13 th , 2012 Chapter 2 Personal Selling Opportunities in the Age of Information - The new economy is about the growing value of knowledge - One way to add value to information is to: - Collect it, - Clarify it, and - Present it in a convincing manner. Knowledge Workers Knowledge worker - someone whose work effort is centred around creating, using, sharing, and applying knowledge. - Four major groups are: - Managerial Personnel - Professionals - Entrepreneurs - Customer Service Representatives Managerial Personnel - Found under such titles as:
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Unformatted text preview: -Manager, or -Administrator-This group understands the importance of “executive selling” and that the most valuable information is acquired from internal and external customers Professionals-Technical skills are not enough as customers seek expert diagnosticians who are truly interested in their needs. Includes:-accountants, -computer programmers, -consultants, -dentists, doctors, -engineers, -financial planners,-lawyers, -teachers, and -other specialized knowledge workers.-Product Validation & Selling...
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