Assignment 2 - attorneys federal tax liens construction liens and military discharges records the minutes of board meetings handles financial

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Chapter 2: The Political Context of Public Administration Tiffany Watt Assignment 2 September 15, 2011 PA 101 – E01 Instructions: Visit or phone your local county courthouse and identify five (5) different offices and briefly describe the function(s) of the five different offices. 1) Circuit Clerk – Report various statistics to other governmental agencies; Serve as fee officer of the court; create the master list of prospective jurors; select panels for attendance, qualify and summon jurors; provide juror orientation, and monitor jurors’ attendance and mileage 2) Chancery Clerk – Maintains and records land transactions; responsible for the recording power of
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Unformatted text preview: attorneys, federal tax liens, construction liens and military discharges; records the minutes of board meetings; handles financial affairs of the county 3) Circuit Judge – Records and maintains all records filed in the office; prepares appealed cases; responsible for all pretrial matters; may preside over criminal or civil trials; 4) County Administrator – Helps develop the county’s budget; monitors the work load; defends county programs, policies, and activities 5) Tax Assessor – List and estimate the values of all taxable property...
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