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Chapter 3: The Inter-organizational Context of Public Administration Tiffany Watt Assignment 3 September 22, 2011 PA 101 – E01 Instructions: You are city manager for a medium-sized community in the Northwest. The state legislature is considering a bill intended to prevent underage drinking. It would require local police departments in the state to perform additional spot inspections of bars and restaurants serving alcohol after midnight. Although you think the cause is an important one, you simply don’t have the resources in your police department to do this. The state is not willing to provide more money. What would you do? In my opinion, there are not very many things one can do in situations such as these. If the state is not willing to provide money to help, then most city managers would probably give up on the spot inspections. If it were me, however, I would consider raising the money on my own. First, to raise money, I would start applying for grants. I would visit many different websites such as
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Unformatted text preview: . In order to see what kinds of grants were available. I would apply for as many grants as I could in order to maximize my chances of receiving at least one. Next, I would try holding various fundraisers throughout the community. One fundraiser I would give would be called “Movie Night.” Here, I could possibly make money by either charging a single price for the movie and refreshments, providing the movie free but selling refreshments, or charging nothing and only asking for donations from the guests. Another fundraiser I would give would be similar to American Idol. In order to draw a large crowd, I would have local singers make their own flyers to distribute at local businesses in order to promote the show. Then, I would have the local radio stations advertise the show for me. The event would be held at a local park or at the civic center. I would charge only admission, and the refreshments would be free....
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