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Assignment 7 - ambiguous data in the budget would...

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Chapter 7: Budgeting and Financial Management Tiffany Watt Assignment 7 November 3, 2011 PA 101 – E01 Instructions: A friend who is a city manager once commented that he liked to put a “radio” item in each budget – an item that would make a lot of noise and attract attention but could be “unplugged” easily. He said that after the council focused all its attention on that item and it was finally removed, everything else would be approved with little question. You are preparing your budget for presentation to the council. What would you do? In this situation, I think I would go ahead and prepare the budget as normal. However, despite my friend’s suggestion, I would not include anything that would be considered misleading or deceptive. I would not follow my friend’s advice and include a “radio item” in the budget because I feel that, as a business professional, one should always put forth an effort to make ethical decisions. Furthermore, including
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Unformatted text preview: ambiguous data in the budget would demonstrate a lack of integrity. I would want the final document to reflect honest and truthful data. First, since I am preparing a budget for a municipality, I would start the budgeting process by setting up a calendar of steps to be followed in preparing the budget. Then, I would notify each department and agency of the city or town to begin the preparation of their budget requests for the coming year. I would set a deadline for them to submit their requests. After the receipt of the requests, I would give myself approximately one to two weeks to study and preliminarily assemble the budget. After this, I would schedule hearings with the departmental and agency heads to discuss their requests and make any necessary adjustments. After the hearings, which will last for approximately one week, I would give myself roughly two additional weeks to draft and prepare the final budget....
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