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Assignment 8 - ability to do their jobs I would request...

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Chapter 8: The Management of Human Resources Tiffany Watt Assignment 8 November 10, 2011 PA 101 – E01 Instructions: One of your employees, whose work is otherwise quite good, has annoyed many of her fellow employees with her arrogant attitude. You don’t want to lose her, but her behavior is clearly bothering others and, they claim, affecting the quality of their work. What would you do? Since firing the person would be my last resort, I think I would initially try having a talk with the person about his or her behavior. I would point out the specific things that he or she says or does that are inappropriate. I would inform them that his or her attitude will not be tolerated. I would make it clear that their attitude and behavior have become problematic and has begun to interfere with the other employees’
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Unformatted text preview: ability to do their jobs. I would request that the employee cease their behavior. I would illustrate the employee’s true importance, or lack thereof. If the employee’s arrogance involves the job or their position in the company, I would consider an attempt to humble him or her by giving a straightforward explanation of how they are not as important as they seem to think. I would let them know that they need the company more than the company needs them. If the employee’s behavior and attitude does not change, I would firmly inform him or her that they would not be given another opportunity to act inappropriately. I would let them know that if they continue to behave inappropriately, I would be forced to relieve them of their duty....
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