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Social Development Research

Social Development Research - things going on in our...

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Adulthood and Aging: Social Processes and Development My topic and article that I have chosen to do are about social selection that can begin in early adulthood. The individuals that most people choose be around are crucial to who they are and what they are going to become. The article was an enlightment to me and it gave me many ways on how I interact with people. I am now able to understand many of the choices in my life when I compare it to information that I had gathered about others. The article also says that as a person gets older, they tend to keep a consistent amount of close relationships. This article gives many subtopics about theories of adult social development. The main reason that I chose this topic and article is because there are many things that I did not know about adulthood and aging, and this article pointed out many things that helped me understand many
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Unformatted text preview: things going on in our adulthood. If I had to write a research paper on this topic and article, I would use this article because of the many points and details that it is giving to me. There are many things that I did not know about us as we are aging and going deeper into our adulthood. One thing that I did know about aging is that the older you get, you become more mature and start understanding more things in life. From reading some parts of the article, I learned that only six percent of Americans are two-parent, single-earned, married couples who live together with children. After reading the article, I understand many things that I did not understand before and I know more about aging and adulthood. This is a good topic to do a research paper on because I think that it will help many other adults understand what they did not in the past....
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