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Testing Intelligence - was determined by the age I do not...

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I feel that the results of the tests were inaccurate because of the age adjustment factor, which is indicated before my score. I feel like intelligence is ageless and nothing should be judged by age. Consider a young person without the benefit of higher education or life experience, the test would perhaps not accurately gauge their intellect. However, the questions that were asked could indicate different angles of assessing intelligence. I think that the test was biased to a degree. The test is somewhat biased in the way that it
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Unformatted text preview: was determined by the age. I do not think that it is right for the test to be done in that manner, but that is the way that they wanted it, so I cannot change that. IQ only measures one aspect of intelligence and may not be valid across every person. Some people may be more skilled in certain areas, and some people may not have had the background to excel in IQ tests. So, having IQ tests to compare different people is not very meaningful....
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