Pos2112 Study Guide 2nd Test

Pos2112 Study Guide 2nd Test - jury lawmaking process...

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POS 2112: State & Local Government Exam 2 Study Guide adjudication administrative rules adversarial argument agenda-setting amendatory veto appellate jurisdiction bench trial bicameral bill bureaucracy casework chamber floor citizen legislature civil law civil service collective action problem common law conference committee contiguous council-manager system cracking criminal law defendant Dillon’s rule director of state courts divided government docket ex post oversight full veto or package veto general jurisdiction gerrymander gubernatorial elections gubernatorial powers (formal and informal) head of state home rule charter house vs. senate implementation incumbent intermediate courts of appeal iron triangle jobs of the legislature judicial appointments judicial elections judicial review
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Unformatted text preview: jury lawmaking process legislative elections legislative intent legislative leadership limited jurisdiction line-item veto majority opinion malapportionment merit plan model city charter multimember district municipal charter original jurisdiction out-of-court settlement override packing “paradox of competition” party caucus party machine patronage plaintiff plea bargain pork barrel precedent precinct Progressives prosecution redistricting retention election roles of the governor roll call single-member district special session standing committee straight-ticket voting street-level bureaucrats strong mayor-council system supreme courts supreme court procedures swing seat term limits tort trial courts unicameral unified government urban reform voting cue ward weak mayor-council system...
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Pos2112 Study Guide 2nd Test - jury lawmaking process...

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