Syg2430 Notes on Aging

Syg2430 Notes on Aging - LIFE COURSE -Linked with age and...

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LIFE COURSE -Linked with age and stage specific social roled and entry/exit from these roles are influenced by age norms. -Age norms, ideas, and expectations are shared by a culture and outline how a person of a specific age should behave. -There are transitions and counter-transitions -Emerging adulthood is late teens to mid twenties GLEN ELDER’S 5 PRINCIPLES OF THE LIFE COURSE 1. Principle of Life Span Development- Development and aging are life-long 2. Principle of Agency- People construct their lives through their expectations 3. Principle of Time and Place- Life course shaped by historical time and places the individual experiences. 4. Principle of Timing- Everyone’s timing for specific events in the life course varies. 5. Principle of Linked Lives- Lived interdependently and socio-historical influences are expressed through this network of shared relationships. CHAPTER FOURTEEN -Gerontology- Scientific study of biological, psychological, and social aspects of aging -Social Gerontology- Study of social and nonphysical aspects of aging
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Syg2430 Notes on Aging - LIFE COURSE -Linked with age and...

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