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Microprocessor-Based Design Spring 2012 EECE4535, 30784 Lab Assignment 1 Rohan Kangralkar, Gunar Schirner 1 v 1.4 Lab Assignment 1 Digital Interfacing Assigned: Fri 01/13/12 Pre-Lab Due: 30 min before lab meeting. Due: Tue 01/31/12, 12pm When learning about an embedded system, you begin by learning how to program it: how to supply input and how to produce system output. On the ADSP-Blackfin, you might wonder how a language you know (like C) behaves on the system and what simple I/O is available. In this lab, we examine some common C functions and how to use the LEDs and push buttons as output and input on the TLL6527M evaluation board. Overall, the purpose of this lab is to get familiar with reading a data sheet, extract information from a schematic, and the use of memory mapped I/O to interaction with real world. Practicing bit operations on the memory I/O registers that are connected to LEDs and switches will prepare you for embedded programming with status and control registers. Instructions Each lab assignment consists of a set of pre-lab questions, the actual time in the lab, and a lab report. The pre-lab assignments prepare you for the challenges you will be facing in the actual lab. So that each lab member gets the same benefits, per-lab assignments have to be solved on individually. Although you can discuss issues with your class and lab mates, the pre-lab assignments have to be solved and submitted individually. In contrast, the labs projects are designed for lab groups of two people. Each team submits one solution. Please see the syllabus for details of the grading policy. You can use the skeleton code provided as a reference for implementing the assignment. Start out by copying the files from the skeleton folder into the solution folder. After copying rename the directory, as well as the project file to reflect the sub assignment you are working on. When you have implemented one assignment and you are ready to submit your solution, first clean the project to remove all object files. Then archive your solution sub folder as described in [10]. Submit each archive containing your project, together with your project report. Refer to [11] for lab report format. Please refer to [14] in the blackboard library section for the Lab report template. Before you start implementing the Lab assignments, download from the svn repository folder that contains board specific code and header files. These files will be common across all lab assignments. Follow the instructions at:
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Microprocessor-Based Design Spring 2012 EECE4535, 30784 Lab Assignment 1 Rohan Kangralkar, Gunar Schirner 2 v 1.4 As of this writing the common library version number is 1.0. Your TA will inform you if new versions are available. You can install the development environment on your personal computer. To install the
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Lab_1_Assignment(2) - Microprocessor-Based Design EECE4535...

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