13 - People of Conquest vs Exiles The Contrast between...

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People of Conquest vs. Exiles: The Contrast between Puerto Ricans and Cubans I.Introduction: 3 largest Hispanic groups in 1990 A.Mexicans: 13 ½ million--more than 60% of Hispanics (mainly in Southwest) B.Puerto Ricans: 2.7 million (mainly in Northeast) C. Cubans: 1 million (from 5% of Hispanics in 1990 to about 4% now) (mainly S. Florida) D. Hispanics (Lantinos) can’t be lumped together; different experiences in U.S. Puerto Ricans I.Puerto Rico: U.S. colony A. Acquired from Spanish-American War in 1898 (Treaty of Paris) B. Governor appointed by U.S.; legislature could be over-ruled by Congress C. Citizenship granted by Jones Act 1917 D. Commonwealth Status granted in 1948: 1. can’t vote in federal elections or for President unless legal resident of mainland a. Not represented in Congress 2. Don’t pay federal income taxes but get some federal grants in aid 3.Subject to U.S. military service 4.Courts part of U.S. system; may appeal to Supreme Court E. Underdeveloped Economy 1. 1/3 below poverty line 2. In 1982, 2/3 were receiving food stamps
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3.Standard of living ½ of U.S. mainland, but better than most of Latin America
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13 - People of Conquest vs Exiles The Contrast between...

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