16 - Residential Segregation (mostly from Massey and...

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Residential Segregation (mostly from Massey and Denton, American Aparthied , 1993) I.Massey and Denton claim: Blacks only ethnic/racial group to be ghettoized in U.S. A. Ghetto became permanent, enduring feature of black life by 1940 1. Inhabited exclusively by members of one group (connotation of being trapped) B. Puerto Ricans are only Hispanics whose segregation as great 1. Possible explanation: greater African heritage 2. Not so in Miami-Dade; Mexicans most segregated(Homestead) (Boswell, 1993) II. U.S. Trends A.Do blacks have less residential segregation today than in 1900?No! 1.In 1900 blacks still on white plantations as tenants (debt slavery) 2.ghetto a 20th century creation:occurs as blacks move North, esp. WWI / WWII B.Northern whites respond by boycotting businesses catering to blacks and violence C.After 1910, restrictive (racial) covenants insure segregation 1. Only 3/4 of residents need sign; all bound not to sell, lease, or rent to blacks 2. South-African style apartheid in U.S.!:legal until Supreme Court eliminate
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16 - Residential Segregation (mostly from Massey and...

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