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Unformatted text preview: SDT CLASS RECOMMENDATION LIST KEY: department/major (alphabetized) number- class name (teacher) description (who wrote the review) Names are included with the reviews incase you have questions about a course you know who to contact, and a possible source for old notes, tests etc ACCOUNTING 211- Managerial Accounting I like accounting 100 better even though people say this is easier. Obviously dont just take this class for fun but if youre in the business school its a requirement. There is no professor, instead the class is taught by TAs (grad students) in small classes. My TA didnt even understand what she was saying so I took a course in the BLC (business learning center) which I highly recommend. Even though its extra time, its basically forces you to study every week and they give a great review sheet (Tracey Kitaeff Spring 2010) AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES 231- (Hughes) no work, you don't have to read the book if you go to class, two essays a midterm and a final...very interesting but you work hard to get a B (Taylor Horowitz) AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES 450 take this class with Roberta Hill. biggest joke of life shes hilarious. easy love do it! (lily donnellon 2010) ANTROPOLOGY 100 Stay far away. This class is the most boring thing and has a bad curve. There is a lot of boring, required supplemental information which is just an unnecessary burden. It doesn't fill any requirements and is a waste of three hours a week. (Gena Wolfson) 104- Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity (Bowie) This professor probably spent 95% of the classes talking about Thailand, but the class was easy, simply tested if you had read the books and went to class, there was one paper but it was graded EXTREMELY easy (Carly Holstein) Very easy if you go to class and learn the notes.. tests are very straightforward and easy information (Lindsay Wolkowitz sp. 2010) 120: Alcohol and Culture (Prof. Ewing) STAY AWAY. This sounds like it would be a really interesting class, right? Wrong. I don't know how a class about alcohol could be so boring, but it is. The teacher is literally the most awkward person I have ever met in my entire life and she makes you read the most boring things. No one even wants to answer her questions because she's so awkward. There was like no work for the first five weeks and now she expects a new paper every week. It's boring and awkward and awful, and while she doesn't take legit attendance, she does get mad if you miss a class. I don't think they offer this every year and I think Anthro 120 changes each year but DO NOT take this particular class or anything with this teacher. ANATOMY 328 (bersu) need to put a lot of effort into the class memorize every part of the body and study your ass off for a good grade, but its interesting (Katie Honey 2010) ART 508 easy 1 credit class. Make a notecard once a week, can usually sign into class and sneak out....
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