lecture 1 - • Support-ongoing-voluntary • Intimacy •...

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Sociology Marriage and Family Lecture 1 Half of marriages end in divorce (more like 40%) Cohabitation: people who live together without being married Gay marriage is on the rise Female labor force participation has risen dramatically No real drastic increase in single parenthood 90% of white Americans get married 2/3 of African Americans get married High fertility- average woman has two kids Increase in equality between men and women FAMILY IS CHANGING AND IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN CHANGING How is the family changing? Why is the family changing? What consequences does this change have for individuals and for society? WHAT DEFINES FAMILY? IN (groups you call a family) Being close Unity Trust Loyalty Dependence Balance
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Unformatted text preview: • Support-ongoing-voluntary • Intimacy • Blood relations=consanguineous ties • Could be gradual process • Mutual dependency OUT (groups you would not consider a family) • Need mutual recognition • On again, off again • No blood, emotional, or legal ties • Distant blood relations Family is an individual word and is different to everyone Two definitions of the family • Private families o Two or more o Intimate relationship o Expected to last indefinitely o Same household o Pool their incomes and household labor • Public families o Adults o Dependents o Care function • People marry people who are similar to them • Dramatic income inequality causes social consequences...
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lecture 1 - • Support-ongoing-voluntary • Intimacy •...

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