Lecture 8 - Soc 120 Lecture 8 21:13 Review Gender Gender...

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Unformatted text preview: Soc 120 Lecture 8 21:13 Review Gender Gender vs. Sex We create differences between men and women that nature did not endow us to Example- women shave their arm hair- society has created this sex differences The way we do gender encodes status differences Examples- on a date, the man should pay for the meal- men are more economically stable, they should take care of their women, etc. Biosocial perspective Socialization The time in young girls and boys lives where they learn how the world works Gender roles have to be enforced as we grow older External constraints on gender roles The wage system- gender wage difference- provides incentives and rules which throw men and women into different places Doing gender Every day routine in which men and women act and enforce gender roles Video clip- gender stereotypes Reversed roles in the sitcom and no one watched anymore Class and Status Class and status are key (and related) concepts in the study of social stratification Society is like a cake- there are people on the top and people on the bottom, but there are many ways in which to split this Different societies stress different parts of social stratification- the western culture pays a lot of attention to income Class: emphasizes economic differences (income, wealth) Most of Americans think that they are middle class- most people neglect the other classes Upper class Middle class...
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Lecture 8 - Soc 120 Lecture 8 21:13 Review Gender Gender...

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