Lecture 16 - Sociology 120 Lecture 16 14:36 Review Female...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology 120 Lecture 16 14:36 Review Female labor force participation Reasons for increase (pull/push) Mothers’ time with children Remarkable fact: despite higher fem LFP, time spent with children may not have declined Reasons Changes in the time mothers spend with children over the past decades At first, it decreased a little bit But has since increased Today what explains the small difference that working and non-working mothers spend with their kids Why mothers time with children has not decreased Why working mothers with children spend less time with kids ******* Gender Division of Household Labor Let’s look at some numbers Less housework overall Mechanization Lower standards Outsourcing Gender gap in housework has declined steeply Women still do more housework then men Continuing gender division in tasks Benefits men as there’s less outdoor/repair to do Graph-housework by gender Looks at detail- kind of specific things that men and women do in the house Core housework tasks, other housework tasks Total number of hours people spend on housework has decreased over time Mechanization of the housework Washers, driers Vacuum cleaners Dishwashers Women- decreased by 12 hours and men have decreased by 5 Care Work and Housework Care work: face-to-face activity in which one person cares for dependent other E.g. childcare Cost of raising a child, by society as a whole benefits...
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Lecture 16 - Sociology 120 Lecture 16 14:36 Review Female...

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