Midterm I Review Packet

Midterm I Review Packet - MIDTERM I: REVIEW 1. Describe the...

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MIDTERM I: REVIEW 1. Describe the difference between a public family and private family (use Cherlin’s modern day definitions). Make sure you include ALL of the criteria for both of these family types, and give three real life examples of each. Public family- one adult or more, taking care of the related dependence Private family- two or more individuals who are in an intimate relationship, expectation of permanence, pool resources, permanently find intimacy and support Positive externalities- Negative externalities- 2. What are some of the social consequences of families? 3. Describe some communities that are “family-like” but do not fit the official definitions of private and public families. 4. What is the family structure and what are the childrearing practices of the Na? What lessons do we learn from the Na? 5. Now let’s talk about the public family in history. What were the characteristics of the public family historically? (Think about how colonial families worked.) 6. How has love’s role in the family changed over time? How has love’s role factored into marriage in the past versus today? 7. What were the four distinctive (stable) characteristics of the European family? 8. When did the Christianization of Europe begin? (Give particular dates for Italy and the Germanic lands.) How did the Christianization of Europe impact marriage and family structure? BE THOROUGH! 9. What were the general consequences of Christianization and what were the consequences for women specifically? 10. When did the Reformation begin and how did it impact marriage and family after they had undergone Christianization? Make sure to include the English Reformation in your answer. 11. What were the aftereffects of the Reformation? Be as detailed as possible. 12. How did the American Revolution impact family? Be thorough! 13. How did marriage and domination tie into one another during the times of slavery? 14. What is coverture? Describe its life, decline, and death. Be detailed.
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15. Describe and define the Industrial Revolution. Be detailed and include descriptions of proto-industrialization and full industrialization, and give dates! 16. How did the Industrial Revolution impact family? How did it impact women and their
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Midterm I Review Packet - MIDTERM I: REVIEW 1. Describe the...

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