SHORT PAPER - Standing up at the altar, thoughts of...

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Standing up at the altar, thoughts of happiness are streaming through the bride and grooms mind, but what most don’t realize is the commitment they are about to make is going to help provide a healthy, long life. One way this occurs is that marriage helps to provide financial stability. Those who are married can share many things that one single person would have to buy on their own (Waite, p.493). For example, two people only need one house, one television, one dishwasher, etc. These items can be purchased with two incomes instead of one, which leads to financial superiority. In general, when two people are making money and pooling together, they will be in a better spot financially, than if there was just one income. Another way that married couples achieve this financial superiority, is by using the specialization model, a homemade factory that a wife and husband form with each other (Lecture 14). This factory allows each spouse to focus on what they are good at and to contribute those skills to the marriage. In many cases, the wife specializes in housework and taking care of the children while the husband specializes in working outside of the home (Cherlin, p.236). This is beneficial because people do not waste time doing things that they are not good at, which in turn leads to an increase in income and wealth (Lecture 14). By having a spouse, one reduces their chance of partaking in risky and unhealthy
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SHORT PAPER - Standing up at the altar, thoughts of...

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