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White & Red - Classic or Noble Varieties of Whites...

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Classic or “Noble” Varieties of Whites Chardonnay relatively easy to grow (have to even do things to hold it back) 1. De-vigorating root stock: hold the vines back 2. If you want a reputation in California, you grow Chardonnay or Cabernet 3. Most sought- after variety – draws highest prices 1. Largest amount of acreage in California 2. Viticulture 1. Early budding disadvantage: spring frosts 1. Proper site selection is key (possibly a hillside) 2. Ripens early (can miss many of the spring rains) 3. Good cold tolerance 4. Vigorous grower 5. High yield = pick before acids drop 3. Enology 1. One of the few whites to be barrel fermented & oak aged, ML often used, 1. No ML = more acidic 2. Various fermentation temp., etc. 3. Varietal characteristics Subtle 1. Young – apple, pear, citrus, to tropical fruits 2. Vanilla & butter – especially with Oak & bottle aging 4. Where grown 1. France Burgundy – especially Cote de Beaune (Montrachet, etc.), Macon, Meursault, Chablis: Champagne 1. Chablis – a place in France (Northern Burgundy area) – give it no oak at all 2. US 3. Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Italy, etc. 5. Chardonnay so esteemed because of White Oak Burgundy Riesling the anti-Chardonnay 1. Lad 1. White Riesling – other synonyms (Johannisberg Riesling, Rhine Riesling, etc.) disappearing 1. All names same, others often not (Emerald Riesling, etc.) 2. Highly praised, very expressive of microclimate 3. Best expressed in coolest climates needs cool climate to do well 1. No grape that reflects microclimate better 2. Viticulture 1. Dark, cold resistant wood 2.
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White & Red - Classic or Noble Varieties of Whites...

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