Burgundy-Italy-GOOD - Burgundy 1. Burgundy Bourgogne 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Burgundy 1. Burgundy Bourgogne 1. Wine making Established maybe before Romans 51 BC 2. Certainly before 4 th Century AD 3. Monks had stone rooms & cellars kept records for systematic improvement & organization 4. Benedictine Cluny 910 Powerful 1. Owned many vineyards around Gevry Romane Conti, Richebourg, La Tache, Pommard 2. Cistercians (Citeaux) 1098 cross & plow 1. 1118 Chablis white 2. 1110 Given & then purchased more of Vougeot 3. 1336 put wall around Clos de Vougeot 1. Other places understood terroir & the idea of crus (superior vineyards or growths) 4. Avignon 1. 1305 Pope Clement Babylonian Captivity, Papal Schism corrupt, extravagant 1. Burgundy surged 2. Urban V 1362-1370 went to Rome 3. Returned due to infighting 1367 4. Petrarch letter come back though best Burgundy not S. of Alps 5. Dukes of Burgundy 1363-1470 1. Philip the Bold Son King John France 2. 1395 decreed Beaujolais harmful to be gone by Easter 3. Pinot Noir Grape instead also fertilizer bad (why?) 6. Grandson Philip the Good 1429-67 still thundering about Gamay threats to wines & Dukes of Burgundy 7. Chancellor Nicolas Rolin Hospice de Beaune 1443 8. Burgundy State almost kingdom reincorporated (Charles the Rash) 9. Louis XIV Burgundy Ngociants 1. Wines in Nobility or Church until Revolution 2. Sold 1791 3. Equal inheritance Napoleonic code 4. Hundreds of producers 5. Mildew, phylloxera riots pro & con treating wines 6. American rootstocks banned 1874-1887 eventually they wised up 7. Good part only best areas could afford to replant 10. Domaine Burgundy equivalent to chateau 1. 1962 15% Domaine bottles 1990 50% 11. Soils 1. Geography Chalk (Limestone Hills) Kimmeridgian 2. Continental climate 3. Colder shorter & more variable summer 4. Rain May, June, October Frost Chablis Hail 12. Furthest N. (in main area) fine red wine region 1. Soils mixtures lime & marl. 2. Sides of hills soil mixtures, good air & water drainage 3. Face east by south 4. Cote d Or Hills of Gold; Actually Cte DOrient faces to the South East 5. Made of Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune 6. Hill 30 miles long, 1 miles to few hundred yards wide 13. Quality Factors Well defined Region Burgundy 1. District Cote de Nuits 2. Village Gevry-Chambertin 3. Vineyard Chambertin Clos de Beze 14. Vineyards Ranked 1. 1. Grand Cru 1. Le Musigny, Le Corton, Le Montrachet, Chambertin 2. 2. Premier Cru has commune name followed by vineyard 3. Are some areas that are better than P. Crus but not grand 1. Pommard, Volnay 2. Cote de Nuits Pinot Noir Father Bertin Champ field 3. North-Gevry-Chambertin Chambertin Chambertin Clos de Beze 4. Firmest long living velvety red Burgundies 5. Morey St. Denis 6. Chambolle-Musigny delicate 7. Monopole One owner of a vineyard 8. Need to know the producer/ngociant...
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Burgundy-Italy-GOOD - Burgundy 1. Burgundy Bourgogne 1....

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