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Public Relations Definition: Public Relations A communication function of an organization Whereby they adapt to, alter, or maintain their environment For the purpose of achieving their goals (they/their means the organization) PR is the middle area between education and persuasion PR Misconceptions 1) PR does not = Marketing Marketing identifies human needs and wants, offers products and services to meet those demands PR supports this goal o Provides publicity and media support 2) PR does not = Publicity Publicity is an uncontrolled method of placing messages in the media.
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Unformatted text preview: Part of the PR practitioners responsibilities. Includes coverage of newsworthy events. 3) PR does not = Advertising Advertising is the information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for the time or space. o This is a controlled message PR does use advertising o Reach audiences that are outside of the target audience PR may engage in some press agent functions o The amount of mass media coverage determines the relative importance of topics and people on the public agenda 4) PR does not = Press Agent 5)...
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