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notes- 11-12 & 11-15 - Group Problem Solving What...

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Group Problem Solving - What are some of the groups to which you belong? Why Use a Group? - Advantages o Brainpower: think more because many people are there o Creativity: encouraged because ideas are built on one another o Accuracy: what someone overlooks most likely won’t be what everyone in the group overlooks; makes outcome more accurate o Time/Effort: this usually decreases; work is shared, group can function more efficiently than one person can o Resources: each person brings different set of resources, more resources available to you as you work o Commitment: contribute to be a part, people are relying on you o Collective Memory: helps group because what one person might forget, others will likely remember; know details that you might not remember o Synergy: the collaboration that uniquely coordinates individual’s efforts to enhance their talents, efforts, and strengths - Disadvantages o Time: exchange of ideas can take time, that time is often very frustrating to some people o Conflict: derail the objectives of the group; undermine effort as group tries to move towards common goal o Conformity: idea that individuality is suppressed; 1- when there is a significant majority and they outnumber an individual or minority, 2-
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notes- 11-12 & 11-15 - Group Problem Solving What...

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