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1 - content level what is being specifically said exact...

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Research - Importance of research o Field based on knowledge gained from research o Seeks to explain, understand, and predict phenomenon Types of Research - Quantitative Research o Human behavior measured; Frequency, Amount, Quantity o Focuses on numerical values o Ex: surveys, questionnaires, experiment - Qualitative Research o Non-numerical information o Concepts not easily quantifiable o Ex: textual analysis, ethnographies - Critical Research o Investigate/challenge power differences o Ex: Ableism research that focuses on people that are able- bodied or disabled - Rhetorical Criticism o Analysis of a text or artifact o Seeks to understand the impact - C Culturally situated- your words are tied to your culture; hard to be a part of our culture if you don’t speak our language; our words in US have diff meanings than in UK - culture and language are tied together inaccurate perceptions:
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Unformatted text preview: content level- what is being specifically said, exact meaning relationship- including feelings, ex: text someone, they don’t text back, immediately start thinking they dontlike you can have both content and relationship in communication corax and tisias- sophists (1 st people to teach comm., greek) plato- 1 st person to teach public speaking, main concept was that public speaking can be misused Aristotle- cannons of rhetoric and methods of persuasion Sophists- Dewey- pg. 27; liberal education section Foucault-Diff btw self-concept and self-esteem: Concept- your description of who YOU think you are (I’m smart, I study hard) Esteem- how you evaluate who you are (how you feel about who you are) – (I’m proud of myself for working hard) Self-labels: positive labels and neg labels...
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