15 - Interpersonal Perception Process- Definition : The...

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Unformatted text preview: Interpersonal Perception Process- Definition : The process by which you decide what people are like and give meaning to their actions- Perceptions influence how we communicate- Three stages of the interpersonal perception process: o Selecting o Organizing o Interpreting 1) Selecting: • Too much stimuli • Selective perception : Paying attention to some stimuli which ignoring others o Intense, large, unusual o Change o Important 2) Organizing: • Organize stimuli • Use cognitive structures (schema) • Developed over time • Organizing Tools o Prototypes Ideal or best example of a category o Personal Constructs Bipolar measures of characteristics Funny/not funny; nice/not nice Based on a situation Influenced by Cognitive Complexity (number of constructs) o Stereotype Generalization about a person or situation Categorize characteristics Place people in the category o Scripts Expected sequences of actions or behaviors o Activity: Write a script for the following situation A police officer stopping a person for a traffic violation o Organizing What happens when we can’t organize the information?...
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15 - Interpersonal Perception Process- Definition : The...

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