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Listening Process Stages of the Listening Process 1.) Selecting- choosing one sound as you sort through various sounds competing for your attention 2.) Attention- focusing on the sound you have selected - Selective attention o For need: need for an A on the exam; we’ll pay attention o Messages we think we should listen to (same view point) o Interested in subject/topic o Participate i.e. engage in message o Non-attend to: difficult, not support our viewpoint 3.) Organizing- making sense of what we’re hearing 4.) Interpreting- assigning meaning to sounds you select (making sense of the
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Unformatted text preview: message) 5.) Responding and Remembering- process of recalling the information-responding = confirming your understanding of a message Obstacles to Listening-Internal Obstacles o Effort: listening takes a lot of effort; one needs energy o Preoccupation: thinking, day dreaming; exam next class o Prejudgments: judging other people’s ideas before hearing their info/we might focus on one aspect of a person’s idea (verbal fillers- ques./whistles)...
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