18 - Supportive-Descriptive o Uses I language Ex: I dont...

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Supportive and Defensive Communication - Presenting Self (face) o Physical traits, personal characteristics, attitudes, aptitudes and all other parts of our image you want to present to the world - Face-threatening acts o Messages that we perceive as challenging the image we want to project - Two categories of communication (Gibb categories) o Supportive Lessen the level of threat, reinforce, or accept the desired image o Defensive Increase threat to face, triggers negative response Defensive - Evaluation o Uses “you” language Ex: That outfit looks terrible on you. - Control o Solution with no regard to the other’s interest Ex: Turn off the TV - Strategy o Speaker hides their true motive Ex: What are you doing Friday? - Indifference o No thought for others - Superiority o You are better Ex: I always do the dishes. - Certainty o Knowing that you know everything
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Unformatted text preview: Supportive-Descriptive o Uses I language Ex: I dont think that skirt shows off your curves in the right way.-Problem orientation o Identifying the problem Ex: I cant focus with all the noise.-Spontaneity o Being upfront and honest Ex: Can you help me move furniture?-Empathy o Feel what others feel-Equality o Everyone has strengths and weaknesses-Provisionalism o I dont have all the answers Conflict-What is conflict? o An expressed struggle between interdependent parties that have different views, interests, or goals, and perceive their differences as incompatible-Constructive vs. Destructive Conflict o Constructive: both/all individuals are satisfied with the outcome o Destructive: one or both individuals are dissatisfied with the outcome...
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18 - Supportive-Descriptive o Uses I language Ex: I dont...

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